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Michel Kermorgant
Fund Manager

+ 33 1 45 08 77 59

Michel Kermorgant – Fund Manager – 37 years of experience

  • Michel manages an open fund (D-M Opportunities 1-3) and several mandates as Credit Manager at Dôm Finance. A specialist in bond and monetary Fixed income management, he has been a multi-manager with HOSTA-FI, a subsidiary of AXA and SMBTP, and a bond manager at Monte Paschi Bank. He was Director of the Savings Department of the DELUBAC Management Company. At the same time he taught a Master of Finance teacher at ESC Bretagne-Brest until 2012. He now manages the funds, Dom opportunites 1-3, Placeuro High Yield and Dom Reflex.

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Jan de Coninck
Director of Management
Jan de Coninck Portrait

+ 33 1 45 08 77 53


Jan de Coninck – Director of Management – 20 years of experience

  • Jan is Managing Director at Dom Finance, who is also a Fixed income manager in charge of numerous insurance company mandates, and manages the diversified ESK Exclusive fund. Specialist in the credit market, convertible bonds, equity and credit derivatives and alternative equity and credit management.
    Previously, he spent 10 years in the CIC Group’s own account, with responsibility for a portfolio of more than 3 billion euros. He has also been a Master of Finance Teacher at Sciences Po Strasbourg since 2004.

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