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Vincent PRIOU
President and CEO
Vincent Priou Portrait

+ 33 1 45 08 77 60

Vincent Priou, President and CEO

  • In April 2012, Vincent bought Dôm Finance to develop it with a strong ambition: to exceed one billion euros of assets under management in 2018.Il previously managed the development of the management of Institutional Investors as a Director at Rothschild and Co. Management. Assets under management increased from 6.5 billion euros in 2003 to 21 billion euros in 2012.
Jan de Coninck
Director of Management
Jan de Coninck Portrait

+ 33 1 45 08 77 53


Jan de Coninck – Director of Management – 20 years of experience

  • Jan is Managing Director at Dom Finance, who is also a Fixed income manager in charge of numerous insurance company mandates, and manages the diversified ESK Exclusive fund. Specialist in the credit market, convertible bonds, equity and credit derivatives and alternative equity and credit management.
    Previously, he spent 10 years in the CIC Group’s own account, with responsibility for a portfolio of more than 3 billion euros. He has also been a Master of Finance Teacher at Sciences Po Strasbourg since 2004.

Managed funds

Jean-Sébastien Morançais
Deputy Director Operations

Arnaud Sauvage

Jean-Sébastien Portrait

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Jean-Sébastien Morançais – Deputy Director Operations – 20 years of experience

  • Jean-Sébastien is in charge of support functions at Dom Finance since 2020. He was founder and CEO of two entrepreneurial management companies, Montmartre Asset Management and Performance Management, in which he also held the function of fund manager. Previously, Jean-Sébastien was a multi-asset fund manager at DWS France.
Laurence Ichou
Administrative Manager

+ 33 1 45 08 77 77

Laurence Ichou – Administrative Manager – 28 years of experience

  • Laurence has been an assistant in the general administration of D-M FINANCE since 2012 and formerly with Alsis Management for 9 years.
    Prior to that, she spent 18 years in the accounting department of the LEGUAY MASSONAUD and then ABN AMRO. Laurence is a graduate of ECCIP and has AMF accreditation.
Dahlia Marteau
Fund Manager
Dahlia Marteau Portrait

01 83 75 02 73

Dahlia Marteau – Fund Manager – 31 years of experience

  • Dahlia has been a Fixed income manager at Dom Finance since the acquisition of Blue Diamond Management in 2019, joined DBG in 2011 and managed mainly subordinated debt funds.
    A graduate of Ohio State University and ESC Rouen, Dahlia has followed a career as a manager since her beginnings at Société Générale, Transoptions, Crédit Agricole; and created Axiom Alternatives Investments in 2006. Dahlia has extensive professional experience in managing, credit analysis and using derivatives for risk control purposes.

Managed funds

Pierre Bénard
Fund Manager

+ 33 1 45 08 77 52

Pierre Bénard – Fund Manager – 23 years of experience

  • Pierre has been a manager on Fixed income products at Dom since its inception; formerly managing Dôm Capi for 8 years, he followed the teams at the time of the takeover in 2012 and manages and co-manages several open OPCVMs including Dôm Capi.
    Previously Pierre worked for 15 years in the financial markets at Natixis, where he developed a client consulting offer on the institutional side. Today he manages the funds, Dôm Capi and Placeuro High Yield.

Managed funds

Daniel Fighiera
Fund Manager

Daniel joined Dôm Finance in 2023, taking over management of the Dôm Sélection Action Midcap fund. Daniel has over 30 years’ experience in the equity markets, and more specifically in European mid caps. Previously, Daniel worked for a number of management companies, including: Equity Manager at Auris Gestion, Director of Management at Tocqueville Finance, Creator and Manager of the R Midcap fund at Rothschild et Cie Gestion, Head of Management at Crédit Lyonnais, etc.
Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Accounting Sciences and Techniques from Sciences Po Paris, and is also a CFA, SFAF and CESGA member.

Philippe Joly
Fund Manager
Portrait Philippe Joly

+ 33 1 45 08 77 51

Philippe Joly – Fund Manager – 24 years of experience

  • A specialist in equity management in European and global financial markets, Philippe manages kes finds Selection Actions Yield and International Yield Selection at Dôm Finance.
    Previously he was in charge of the active management of FCP, SICAV and Equity mandates for successive societe generale, Tocqueville Finance, SPGP and Olympia Group. Philippe has created and manages the SAR and SARI (Equity Yield and Equity International Return Selection) funds.

Managed funds

André Lavergne
Fund Manager

André Lavergne

03 88 52 46 33

André Lavergne – Fund Manager – 20 years of experience

  • After studying computer science (BTS), André joined an SSI as an analyst/developer of accounting and commercial management software. In 1998 he joined AFI ESCA’s financial department in charge of financial investment operations (equities, bonds) in the front, middle and back office functions. André joins Dôm Finance in 2019 as equity manager and for the middle and back operations of operations on management mandate.
Grégory Olszowy
Fund Manager
Gregory Olszowy Portrait

+ 33 1 45 08 77 58


Grégory Olszowy – Fund Manager – 17 years of experience

  • A specialist in the selection of equity market values, Grégory is currently Equity and Diversified Manager at Dôm Finance. He manages D-M Prospective an international equity fund and D-M Heritage a diversified fund.
    Formerly a fund manager at IT Asset Management, for 9 years. He is also a former head of the IRC Jury, a financial analysis competition for business schools. Grégory now manages the Placeuro Gold Mines fund.

Managed funds

Thomas Caffray
Thomas Caffray

+ 33 1 45 08 77 63

Thomas Caffray, Analyst – 8 years of experience

  • Thomas has been with Dom Finance since 2012 as fund manager assistant. He became Financial Analyst in 2018, when he graduated as a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) at SFAF.
  • He works with managers (equities – interest rate) during the development of investment strategies and securities selection process. Its analysis model is based on a precise knowledge of companies and an evaluation using several methods (DCF, Comparables, etc…) and several scenarios.
Daniel Larrouturou
Fund Manager

01 83 75 02 72

Daniel Larrouturou – Fund Manager – 20 years of experience

  • A graduate of the Institute of Political Studies and a bachelor’s degree in private law, Daniel worked for several years in stock exchange and trading companies; Meeschaert-Rousselle, Du Bouzet BNP, UBS, Banque Paribas… Daniel founded the alternative management company Orchid Finance in 2008. He was responsible for the management of the Long/Short fund until September 2012, before continuing this same activity on behalf of Blue Diamond Management, which he joined in October 2012. He now manages the Orchid LS fund.

Managed funds

Hugo Priou
Head of ESG strategy

    +33 6 74 43 35 75

Hugo Priou, Head of ESG strategy – Alternant 

  • Hugo, is student at EDHEC Business School, he’s an apprentice in contract since September 2019. His mission at Dôm Finance is to set up and develop the entire strategy of Socially Responsible Investment.
Pierre-Olivier Jacod
Discretionary Manager

+ 33 1 45 08 77 56

Pierre Olivier Jacod – Discretionary Manager – 34 years of experience

  • Pierre-Olivier is in charge of the management of the Alcis Selection Equity fund and the accounts managed under a mandate in live securities at Dôm Finance. He is the administrative manager of OPCVM and measures performance with BFT customers.
    Formerly manager of private client accounts in the equity, rate and ucitsal markets of multi-management at the Louvre Bank. Pierre Olivier has also managed the relationship and development of institutional clients in the rate markets at Commerzbank.
Valentine Priou
Project Manager
Valentine PRIOU Portrait

+ 33 6 59 15 70 17

Valentine Priou, Project Manager – 4 years of experience

  • Valentine joined Dom Finance in 2019 as project manager on communication and business development missions for both Dôm Finance and its Dôm Partners platform.Previously Valentine worked for 3 years as a digital project manager at Audiens (parity social protection group, culture, communication, media) following business studies , specialized in marketing and digital communication.
Lana Giberti
Risk Management Officer

+33 1 83 75 02 40

Lana Giberti, Risk Management Officer – 1.5 years of experience

  • Lana started working at Dom Finance in March 2018 as a financial engineer before taking on the role of risk management officer. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering and Tax Strategy from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.
    Previously Lana was Back and Middle Office assistant.
Arnaud Sauvage
Middle Officer

Arnaud Sauvage

Arnaud Sauvage

01 83 75 02 74


Arnaud Sauvage – Middle Officer – 20 years of experience

  • Arnaud has been in charge of Middle Office and analysis at Dom Finance since 2019, previously at Diamant Bleu Management as an analyst and portfolio manager. He followed DBG after buying Hedge Fund Orchid Finance in 2008.
    Prior to his experience at Orchid and DBG Arnaud had experience with Brocker for 9 years.