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Managements Procedures and Collegiality

“The economy and the markets are like a stage, it’s up to us to step up and give a great performance.”

DÔM Finance manages three bond funds that have simple, defined objectives:

Offering positive growth over a two-year period, DÔM Opportunités 1-3 Euro purchases “investment grade,” private bonds while the Alcis Capi fund operates in real time on the regulated Euronext market.

Our core portfolio fund, Alcis Alpha Obligations Crédit, which invests in all types of European bonds, completes our range of bond funds.

DÔM Finance manages three diversified funds that achieve positive growth over three year investment periods through strategic assets allocation.

DÔM Patrimonie is a conservative fund which divides its investments between a third in equity and two thirds (fixed-income)

ESK Exclusif and DÔM Performance Active aim to increase their asset values through aggressive management strategies, targeting from a 0% to 100% increase in every sector.

Over all our range of funds, our objective is not to simply equal the rate of growth of each fund’s benchmark index. We seek to capitalize on market upswings while moderating the effects of market declines.