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Data System

"The best time to lay the groundwork for successful partnerships is before the markets open."

Our data system displays information and key functions via integrated graphics package that allows managers to view transactions according to the particular criteria of concern to them..
The software allows managers to view portfolios graphically according to numerous parameters (investment type, country, sector, currency, etc.).
The IT system calculates and displays the indexes and ratios required for each investment transaction.
Selecting a group of assets of a certain type allows regulatory and contractual restrictions on orders that are grouped to be taken into account.

Managing orders:
Our data system allows investment simulations to be previewed on orders before they are executed.
Selecting the pre-trade function recalculates all indexes while also taking regulatory and contractual restrictions into account.
Our system is able to recalculate all portfolios. Subsequent results can also take into account the tax criteria of any account whether resident or nonresident.

Tracking orders:
Our data system tracks the execution of orders and calculates fees, taxes and commissions.
It generates a flow of data to our custodians and appraisers.

  • Compensation Tracking:
    Our system allows us to list compensation data and to track the trades that we make.
  • Cash management:
    Whatever the currency, our system allows cash to be accurately monitored ost, including OST securities transactions (dividends, coupon payments, split,..).
  • Audit Track:
    The system has an audit track that monitors and outlines the different stages of orders.