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Management Philosophy

“At DÔM Finance, each manager has had many years of experience during which time he developed his own management approach and personal style. Every investment decision they take is made in view of a identified projected outcome and with a known level of risk.”

Flexibility and Bespoke Services

DÔM Finance’s strength lies in its expertise in asset management and in being able to take into account all kinds of individual requirements our clients may have.

Every customer is unique. We adapt our approach our clients’ abilities to accept risk. Then, we decide in consultation with clients what prospects for growth they may expect compared with typical market performance. We agree on a budget, on the level of risk exposure and then select suitable financial instruments for each investor who decides to place their trust in us.

We also oversee the accounting services of Assureurs et Mutuelles provide our clients. We calculate the accounting data required for the insurer’s accountancy (premium/discount, capitalisation reserve, unrealized gains/losses) so that we are always actively involved in working towards positive results.

We pay as much attention to tax, accountancy and regulatory concerns as we do to investment goals.

On request, we can also provide detailed portfolio statements in order to simplify calculating dispersal rates and in order to provide the necessary data for overall portfolio stress testing.


Responsible Investment

General approach of ESG criteria

Although sensitized to the question, DÔM Finance does not formally consider the social, environmental and quality criteria of governance (ESG) in its management process.

However, some of these criteria may be part of the analysis of the companies in which we invest, particularly in terms of business sectors or notions of governance such as the conditions for access to company information.


Knowledge of our institutional clients and listening to their needs is the basis of our strategy of management and selection of values. Also, we are aware that our development has been at the same time on the search for financial instruments with regular return and potential added value without the ESG criteria being a requirement.


However, we are aware that the environmental, social and governance criteria will have to be developed in the future, either by choosing the "best in class" selection (selection of the best companies meeting the ESG criteria) or by simply excluding certain companies or sectors.


Therefore, a policy of fine analysis of the ESG criteria will enter our process of selection of our titles, which will be explicit and detailed for all our customers and our prospects.


Content, frequency and means of information used

Dôm Finance communicates on its website the application of its ESG policy in its management process.


Funds concerned by the inclusion of ESG criteria

Funds managed by DÔM Finance are not required to publish ESG Investment information as they do not take ESG criteria into account at this time.