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Legal notes

DÔM Finance

  • Company Name: DÔM Finance
  • Business Structure: Joint Stock Corporation with a Board of Directors
  • Share Capital: 1 007 864 euros
  • Company Headquarters: 1 rue des Italiens 75009 PARIS
  • Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (French Business Registry): Paris 479 086 472
  • Website Owner: DÔM Finance
  • Website Director: Vincent PRIOU
  • Hosting: GANDI
  • CNIL Declaration Number: 119 90 75

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1. Site Contents

To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in this site is accurate and complete.

DÔM Finance endeavors to ensure the information contained in this site is accurate and up to date and reserves the right to make changes to its content at any time without prior warning. DÔM Finance cannot however guarantee that the information is always complete or that it has not been tampered with by unauthorized third parties taking control of the site or because of infections due to software viruses. Moreover, it takes no responsibility for delay, errors or omissions regarding the content of the present pages nor for the use that might be made of them by unauthorized persons.

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In order to provide its services, DÔM Finance relies on a number of data and communications systems. DÔM Finance is bound only by its fiduciary responsibilities and therefore it cannot guarantee against possible temporary failures of service and/or technical failures effecting those services.

DÔM Finance is not responsible for non-provision or interruption of services for any reason.

The information, data and purchasing or selling recommendations published on this site do not amount to investment advice and cannot be considered an incitement to invest.

Anyone who would like to acquire one of the services presented her is asked to contact DÔM Finance to be informed of the availability of the service or the product in question as well as about the applicable contractual conditions and fees.

Access to products and services described in this site are subject to restrictions for certain individuals and countries. None of the products or services described here will be provided by the proprietor of this website to anyone if the law in their country of origin, or any other country concerned, prohibits it. The reader of this statement is asked to ensure that he or she is legally authorized to access the present website in the country in which they are connecting to it.

DÔM Finance cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred through transactions made on the basis of information given on this website, loss of profits, loss of property, loss due to interruption of services, loss of income, loss of data or any other losses whether direct or indirect in nature, which might result from using this website.

DÔM Finance is not responsible for the use or the interpretation made of information made available on this website and/or in case of error or misuse of services by the user.


2. Copyright

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3. Personal date – Decaration to CNIL

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The user may refuse to allow his or her data to be used for promotional or commercial purposes.

DÔM Finance is responsible for the processing of this data.

All exercising of rights of access, correction and refusal recognized by law may be demanded by email: contact@dom-finance.fr.

This site is required to make declarations to CNIL under section number : 119 90 75.


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