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We ask you to please carefully read through the following information, which is in your interest and for your protection. This document explains certain legal and regulatory restrictions which apply to all investments products described on this website (hereafter referred to as the site). When you have read the following information, please click the button below marked “I have read and I accept the site’s terms and conditions of use” to show that you accept these conditions and also in order to access the product pages of the site. The following pages of this site contain information describing investment funds recognized by l'Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF – The Financial Markets Authority). Access to this information may be restricted or forbidden either by law or by regulations applicable to visitors to this site, especially by laws in those countries in which foreign visitors may be located. It is the responsibility of visitors to this website to be informed about and abide by all laws and regulations that apply to them. The information contained on this site is not to be understood either as an offer to buy or to sell equities or shares in a fund and is in no way intended for residents of those countries in which these tenders, sales and recommendations are forbidden. This site is not intended for citizens of countries (whether because of the nationality of such citizens or their place of residence or for any other reason) in which the distribution or access to this site is forbidden. This site contains information about the range of products offered by DÔM Finance and is made available for a clientele of French investors or Swiss investors and should not be consulted by individuals resident in the United States. The information contained in this website should not be distributed and is not an offer either to sell or to buy any type of investment instruments in the United States on behalf of American citizens.

Complete legal notices and legal documents for each investment fund are available from DÔM Finance.

Past performance does not forecast future yields. Equities are not guaranteed and can lose value because of fluctuations in the markets. DÔM Finance furnishes information only about its own products. This document does not constitute either an offer of subscription nor is it personal advice. We recommend that you inform yourself carefully before making any investment decision. All subscriptions in funds must be based on a prospectus that is currently valid and on the basis of periodical documents available on the GECO database of AMF (Financial Markets Authority) or on request from DÔM Finance. Monetary instruments are less risky than bonds, which are in themselves less risky than equities. Diversification (in different markets or types of investments) reduces the general level of risk to which a portfolio is exposed. Investment funds investing in small firms are more risky than funds investing in those with large capitalizations. Funds with more aggressive investment approaches are riskier than those that are more conservative. Funds which invest in less liquid markets are riskier than others which invest in more developed markets. Funds that invest in historically more volatile markets are riskier than those that invest in markets that are less volatile. Funds that invest in currencies other than their own currency of denomination are riskier than those that invest in their own currency of denomination. Currencies that are historically very volatile are riskier than currencies that are more stable. The tax consequences for equity holders ensuing from purchasing, holding, trading, buying and selling of fund equities will depend, according to the case, on applicable laws. Laws, tax practices and tax rates are subject to change. Investors are asked to consult a tax advisor for all matters concerning declarating taxes in France. DÔM Finance cannot be held legally responsible in any litigation between an investor and a tax authority concerning the declaring or paying of taxes in France or in any other country or territory. As a result information contained in this website constitutes neither a subscription offer nor personal advice.