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Institutional Management

"Being able to make the right choices is above all about being able to analyze and understand the markets…"

Our asset management services are designed for both institutional and private clients who seek the benefits of our personalized, innovative and professional expertise.

The asset management team first establishes in private consultation with each client the directions and focuses they wish their investments to take. In close consultation with them, we agree on personal growth benchmarks for each client’s investment account.

An asset management account always defines beforehand both the directions and the targets for each investor’s portfolio according to each their profile. Private customers receive profile frameworks describing an array of investment options ranging from the securest to the most aggressive.

DÔM Finance offers four kinds of asset management managed-accounts today: bond accounts, diversified accounts, equity accounts and treasury bond accounts.

To guarantee transparency as well as security to our customers, after each transaction they receive custodial notices informing him or her of the details of their transaction. They also receive monthly portfolio statements appraising the value of their portfolio as well as a report on progress toward their personal growth benchmarks.